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I bought two pairs of these 4 speakers in total. These were very inexpensive $64 I think, great build quality, good looking speakers. These have large magnets and I’ve read that that the bigger the magnet the powerful the bass is ,well it’s not the case here but the bass is great. I have these installed in my pickup truck. The wires that come with the speakers you may throw them away because for me they weren’t good. I also bought an amplifier for these to get the best out of the bass. I listen a lot to rock music and trance and I need bass. These are great speakers for the dollars I spent. I knew before ordering these that BOSS makes quality speakers so I bought them with hesitation. If you want quality speakers then buy these you will not regret your choice. I will make another order for these this weekend for my other car as these speakers have value for the money.
SoundStefan is a great site for speakers to buy from.

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